At Enegxi, we hire detail-oriented people who strive to provide our clients with the best assistance on the planet.

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Service Overview

To the point, strategies and expert branding constitute an excellent social media marketing plan for brand upliftment. Setting up the account is a crucial step in the beginning. In Social Media Marketing, right from choosing a profile picture to selecting the most relevant category of the business page, everything plays an important role. Once the account is correctly set up, managing work begins. Therefore, our virtual assistants are adept at handling photoshop. They can create different types of banners, work on images, and also make animated videos that can be promoted to make the brand’s presence.

Solutions We Offer

Our team can handle all social media accounts like Facebook, Linked-in, YouTube, Twitter, and more, and have a separate strategy for each. We understand that in the world of design, most flashy and creative artworks win the hearts of people.

Content Research

Our social Media Virtual Assistant will do the research online to find out the appropriate content around and achieve optimized results for you. The assistant will be posting the best content that’s easier for people to comprehend.

Profile Management

We will actively manage your multiple social media accounts, which keeps you rolling in the online world. Details like about us, services, presence, contact details, and more are described in a detailed manner.

Trend Research

We keep a tab on the latest trends in your respective field by keeping an eye on your competitors & continuous web research. Now you can post as per the market trends.

Campaign Management

Social Media Assistant enables you to run paid campaigns on various social platforms and update the statistics of the result achieved. With the help of proper analytics, you will learn all about your ROI.

Measuring Analytics

Get the latest update about your user engagement, current traffic, and web handling. This will help you in focusing on things that gain customers’ attention. You can understand the sources of web traffic quickly.

Account Setup

Social Media Assistant sets up various social media account or business pages on your behalf & drives them with expertise. You can track your ads manager, billing, and other details through the business account.

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At Enegxi, we are a team of detail-oriented people who strive to provide our clients with the best assistance on the planet.
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